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Zender Group CheatSheets

Well-crafted notes can put raw technical power on-tap for easy exploitation. These CheatSheets help channel and cool our knowledge as it cures into understanding. They are technical underground literature, scientific samizdat, and pulp fiction. Precise summaries of complex technical incantations—at best—with heavily indexed and illustrated examples. Phone-number-smeared napkins and shopping list-filled Post-Its have no home here. We strive for blueprints that foster reproducibility.

Notes begin as scattershot collections of unremarkable facts. With occasional fertilization and re-potting, they may synthesize knowledge more completely and systematically than any living or artificial brain. Technical fields are so festooned by time-saving details that no one has the time to learn them. Too often the details are not at hand when needed. Or they are in a form easy to read like the printed page, yet resistant to transplant to your computer. Notes are best when they are easy to read, search, use, and change.

These “Cheat Sheets” accrete like software callouses. Initially they are fragile, bumpy, and unconnected. After several years, they smooth, strengthen, and set into a mixture of useful tips and obsolete reminders. We hope they help you understand our research and software. Comments and additions are very welcome!

(This document describes how to modify and build all the above documents from the source LaTeX file. Everything you need to build, edit, modify, and re-distribute these documents is on the web. Please send us your patches and improvements.)

Are these notes obsessive-compulsive? vain? solipsistic?

Is “Being John Malkovich” about more than John Malkovich?

Find out what happens when lecture notes metastasize...

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