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DEAD: Box Model Configure and Run

Number of timesteps to simulate (Parameters vary from Start Value to End Value over time_nbr timesteps)
Debugging level [idx] (Range from 0--9, increases verbosity of text output.)
User text (Tag your simulations with unique text. Multiple simultaneous users overwrite eachothers' files.)
Parameter Start Value End Value
Ellipsoidal aspect ratio [frc]
Midlayer height above surface [m]
Orography [frc]
Midlayer pressure [Pa]
Interface pressure [Pa]
Water vapor mixing ratio [kg kg-1]
LSM surface type (0..28) [idx]
Ground temperature [K]
Ice temperature [K]
Temperature [K]
Soil temperature [K]
Sea surface temperature [K]
Vegetation area index, one-sided [m2 m-2]
Meridional wind component [m s-1]
Zonal wind component [m s-1]